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Navigating the transition from agent to fully licensed without the complexity May 12, 2022 We explain the best approach for your business - whether that’s an agent model or fully licensed and what to take into consideration as your business grows…
IF-image Key blockers crypto ventures need to overcome rapidly April 20, 2022 Developing a long term bridge between fiat and crypto means involving and getting the support of your banking partners. Furthermore, getting this right at the start of your business journey will help you avoid suspension of services or deboarding, optimise your revenue streams, and minimise your operational costs. But, how do you align your own processes with the traditional, fiat-based payment systems’ gatekeepers? Read on.
New Board Advisor appointed at Integrated Finance February 2, 2022 Integrated Finance is delighted to welcome Board Advisor, the head of Banks and Fintechs at Crown Agents Bank, Alistair Woodhams to the organisation.
Different types of account your fintech customers might be using December 15, 2021 If you are building, or have built a transactional banking fintech service, you should know about the different types of account your customers may be using. Here is a brief overview.
How to manage and validate beneficiaries on your banking transaction platform December 13, 2021 When capturing and storing dynamic (frequently changing) data, it is vital that the information is correct and kept up date to ensure smooth, efficient and successful banking transaction processes for your customers.
Foreign Exchange (FX) Transactions – Types, Lifecycles, Cut-off Times December 9, 2021 A brief overview outlining different types of FX transaction, the lifecycle of an FX transaction and the cut-off times of FX transactions.
data requirements What are the data requirements for payment systems? December 6, 2021 The truth is, that fintech payments can be a minefield of different data requirements depending on how you want to send money.
Building a Transactional Banking Fintech Service? Read this White Paper Now November 29, 2021 There are many things you need to consider before you start building a transactional banking fintech service.
connect your internal systems -Free Connectivity in Fintech White Paper Free Transactional Banking Fintech Service White Paper – Download Now! November 26, 2021 One of Fintech’s more in-vogue products of the last five years is Virtual Accounts. Virtual Accounts go by a lot of different terms, vIBANS, virtual ledgers, named accounts, sub-accounts, ZBAs and quite a few more. But why are they needed? And what do you need to know about them?
data requirements Integrated Finance raises £2 million to transform tech development for all September 14, 2021 The Fintech infrastructure platform will use the investment to invest in product development and customer growth