Connect Railsbank with your platform and multiple vendors

As the connections hub, IF CONNECT automates the integration between Railsbank, your platform (front-end), apps and other applications. So when we quickly connect you to Railsbank you can:

  • Issue bank accounts to your customers
  • Access Wholesales Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Licence
  • Compliance-as-a-Service
  • and more…
Connecting banks to multiple systems

If you are using other vendors such as Barclays, Clear Bank or CurrencyCloud, use IF CONNECT to automate your connections and use all the systems together, seamlessly.

How to integrate Railsbank with fintech and multiple financial systems

IF CONNECT does the work for you and automates connections between Railsbank and your own platform. As the hub, it also easily connects to other banks, apps and financial compliance tools including AML, KYC or KYB.

The application keeps the connection to Railsbank and other systems up to date, even if the bank changes their API (which happens frequently).

Using IF CONNECT as the hub, you can also easily grow your product offering by quickly introducing new payment providers that match your specific needs. You can add Barclays very easily for example.

We take the hard development work out of making the connection to Railsbank and others, so you can focus on your own product development.

So if you using Railsbank alongside another FinTech, you can do it quickly and easily with IF CONNECT.

If you also need a modern front office customer portal, IF CORE may be the ideal SAAS banking platform for you – with connections built in.

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