Putting SaaS companies into the payment flow

Our platform embeds financial services at the heart of SaaS

Why Software-as-a-Service?

The days of just recording transactions are over. We help SaaS companies embed financial services, power digital transformation and unlock new revenue.

Our platform provides a suite of connections to financial service providers via simple and easy to use API. Saving your development team precious time and resource.

Capture more of your customer value chain

Offer financial services within your own products

Scale quickly

Access a growing network of providers


Reduce need to build and maintain multiple connections

Reduce development cost

Prebuilt integrations and workflows


Cloud based, high uptime

Increase customer engagement

Keep customers in your own
environment for longer

As a successful global Treasury Management Platform, TreasuryXpress is always looking for ways to make our clients’ lives easier. We wanted to provide financial services to our customers in a flexible and API led way. For speed to market and financial service expertise, we chose Integrated Finance to provide the infrastructure to embed access to payments, FX and banking directly in our own software

Tom Leitch

COO TreasuryXpress

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