Easily connect your technology with financial institutions

Automating workflows for financial technology firms and fintech startups. Integrated Finance helps connect and manage financial infrastructures

Connect Fintech with banks easily

Save time and money by automating your integrations. Your development team no longer has to waste time setting up each individual connection, they can get on with the developments that add value to your business.

Our infrastructure makes the connections for you.

Connect your financial service stack together

  • Integrate existing providers. See connections page.
  • Find new suppliers
  • Properly manage an expanding network

Build and launch new products

  • Flexibly build new products by easily connecting banks with your fintech
  • Improve User Engagement
  • Increase speed to market without consuming valuable developer resource/time

Automate workflows

  • Eliminate manual intervention
  • Harness auto-reconciliation
  • Streamline workflows. We do all the maintenance for you


Create a financial network capable of delivering great customer focused products, quickly and at scale. Do more, faster.


Use our API to automate manual
processes across your business

Seamlessly connect

We support multiple connection methods and turn them into a Open API

Build great products

Sit on top of our infrastructure and use it to build great customer focused products

The deliverable FX space is going through a phase of rapid digital transformation with a raft of new products on the market, and even more new entrants. IF have been the perfect partner to help Clear Treasury on its first steps into a technology driven product lineup. Not only have they helped to revamp our product offering, but they have provided valuable guidance on everything from supplier choice to work flow implementation, resulting in a new offering for all our existing customers, and the opportunity to appeal to a new market seeking modern transactional banking solutions.

Jordan Tilley

CEO, Clear Treasury

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