About Us

We help fintechs go live. Fast.

Our cloud-native, financial infrastructure platform allows fintechs to access on demand core financial services and integration workflows, designed to accelerate time to value.


Creating infrastructure that enables the next generation of fintechs to build the future of financial services.

Our vision

A world where global Fintech infrastructure is available to everyone, on demand.


Integrated Finance was established by the founding team of a UK based BaaS business. As the business scaled, building and maintaining connectivity to an increasing number of compliance providers, banks and fintech integrations became a burden that consumed valuable engineering time.

Instead of focusing on developing unique products for customers, they needed to constantly commit resources to deliver and maintain a baseline functionality customers expect. They tried to solve this problem by partnering with a company that could take this pain away, but no company existed.

That’s why our founders decided to build it themselves. Integrated Finance is the outcome of first-hand experience of the pain of integrating and stitching together a vast landscape of financial banking providers and partner connections.

Alistair Cotton

Co-founder & CEO

Alistair leads all aspects of the Integrated Finance customer-centric strategy, execution and overall business growth as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service global provider and leader. He is a startup ninja passionate about customer-focused product design, particularly how technology can improve experience and access to financial services. From founding, investing and driving market leadership in global banking and payments to co-founding one of the most innovative IaaS platforms, Alistair and his team are helping build the future of embedded banking by redefining connected financial experiences for Fintechs and their customers.

Daniel Cronin

Co-founder & COO

Daniel, a serial Fintech entrepreneur/investor, is responsible for shaping and delivering the Integrated Finance commercial strategy and operations to make financial infrastructure accessible to businesses of all sizes. Before co-founding Integrated Finance, Daniel co-founded another company in the technology space and held senior commercial positions where he successfully delivered industry-leading innovations within the FX, travel and renewable energy sectors. Driven by his mantra of "made by founders for founders", Daniel continues to serve as a Business Advisor/Investor at Sandbox.game, Science Card and OpenPayd.

Koray Argun

Co-founder & CPO

Koray's primary focus is making connected financial experiences accessible for all Fintechs. As Chief Product Officer, Koray leads product development, management, and delivery for the IF Core and IF Connect products and oversees Integrated Finance's Product Design team responsible for the overall UX/UI experience across the platform. Prior to joining and co-founding Integrated Finance in March 2020, Koray founded Paramount IT, specialising in Payments, Compliance and digital transformation. Koray's extensive leadership experience spans diverse product roles and Fintech technology areas, with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500.

Canay Özel

Co-founder & CTO

Canay is responsible for Integrated Finance's technical strategy, developing the technology roadmap and vision and overseeing the technical infrastructure. He is a software development startup expert who spent his career on the front lines of technology innovation in payments, banking and financial services technology. Before joining Integrated Finance, Canay was one of the founding team members at a global banking and payments company and has held various software development leadership roles throughout his career. Canay's track record of technical advancements in Fintech is rooted in his belief in building and leveraging turnkey technology and turning it into a scalable product.

Company Timeline


The birth of our platform 🌟


Our first 2 employees🕺🏻💃


We launch our first BaaS connection and our white-label customer and operational portals 🧑🏻‍💻


Our first customer goes live 🚀

JULY 2021

Seed round raised, we add 3 more BaaS connections and our 4th customer goes live 🥳


We welcome our 6th customer and launch our first 3 workflows 🙌


15 employees 💥


20 employees 💫

MAY 2022

We finish Q2 with a total of 11 connections, 30 employees and 11 customers 🙌

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