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Integrated Finance announces the launch of its partnership with Currencycloud

Integrated Finance helps businesses when it comes to building, expanding, and managing financial infrastructures, offering easy to integrate FX products for existing payment platforms. Apart from providing core banking solutions, the company has partnerships with financial services providers to offer a marketplace of pre-built integrations available via a single API.

Partnering up with Currencycloud and building on their infrastructure-as-a-service will allow Integrated Finance to offer their fintech customers access to Currencycloud benefits, enabling them to build cross-border payments and FX functionality into their platforms in a quick and easy manner.

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Integrated Finance raises £2 million to transform tech development for all

Fintech infrastructure platform Integrated Finance today announces that it has raised £2 million in Seed funding. The round was led by Octopus Ventures, one of Europe’s most active early-stage VCs, with participation from 500 Start-Ups, SuperSeed Ventures, and prominent Angels Chris Adelsbach, Srin Madipalli, and John Erdimansinga.

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The advantages of using financial-infrastructure-as-a-service

Alistair Cotton, Co-Founder at Integrated Finance, explains how incorporating existing technology and integrating solutions for complex processes using APIs is a valuable way to optimise development costs and reduce the amount of time it takes to get a product into the hands of customers.

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Embedded Finance is enabling Fintechs to become more customer-focused

There’s never been a better time to build a Fintech platform. Software has driven the unbundling of banking services into a defined stack of providers, which means assembling a Fintech today is made possible by picking the best-in-class vendors and re-bundling them together into a seamless experience for users.

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Integrated Finance to improve collaboration in finance

Following its recent seed funding round, the FinTech company is looking to bolster the development of its platform, grow its customer base and strengthen its commercial team. The Integrated Finance platform helps FinTechs and financial institutions to build embedded financial services quickly and easily build new products.

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Allowing fintechs to speed up innovation, by simplifying connections

The Integrated Finance platform offers infrastructure APIs that help developers at fintech startups and big banks alike build embedded financial services quickly. The Fintech's recent seed funding round was led by Octopus Ventures, and will enable the company to allow fintechs to speed up innovation, by simplifying connections to all of their banks and suppliers to a single API.

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Hyper-personalisation - the future for fintechs

As the ever-changing technological landscape develops, customers increasingly expect highly personalised services based on their individual needs, but fintechs that are stuck on legacy banking applications and tied to conduct regulation are struggling to collect the type of user data that facilitates hyper-personalisation and delights customers.

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What we do. We connect together multiple players and providers across the unbundled embedded banking stack. Using our embeddable modules for transactional banking, developers can go from idea to launch within a couple of weeks.

Why we do it. Our cloud-native, Financial Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform allows Fintechs to instantly access pre-built core financial services and integration workflows, designed to accelerate time to value. What you get. Pay as you grow financial infrastructure that gives Fintechs the flexibility and scalability they need to enhance their core offering, and reduce the time it takes to get a product into the hands of their customers.

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