Infrastructure PLUS

We bring the licence, card and account issuing, processing, compliance, and know-how into one comprehensive package for an accelerated time to market. There is no need for separate integrations or separate contracts – all financial services on offer are implemented to ensure complete interoperability.

Licence + card issuing + account issuing + processing + compliance

You bring the product idea, we take care of the rest. Complete solutions with built-in cards, transfers, accounts, and compliance integrations without becoming fully licensed. You no longer have to build from scratch, spending months in development and losing out on revenue opportunities. Go live at supersonic speed, while delivering value at the lowest development cost point.

Single contract

A single contract streamlines the process of obtaining licensing, card issuing, account issuing, processing, and compliance services all under one roof. With us, you focus solely on bringing your product to market while we handle the intricate details. Bypass the lengthy process of building intricate systems from scratch, saving valuable time and money, and avoiding revenue loss opportunities.

Fast track infrastructure

Experience the advantage of our fast-track Infrastructure PLUS, enabling all the essential financial technology components. With our streamlined approach, you can focus on mastering the dynamic demands of your users, create and deliver high-value products and streamline your business operations for maximum efficiency.

Licence + account issuing + compliance

You bring the product idea, card issuing and processing, we take care of the rest. Got cards issuing and processing integrations in place but looking to combine cards with accounts in a compliant manner? Our pre-built account issuing integration and a native banking core system means better economics and easier implementations.

Licence + card issuing + processing + compliance

You bring the product idea and account issuing, we take care of the rest. Have you got an account issuing integration in place but looking to add cards in a secure and compliant way? Our infrastructure brings together everything you need without having to rebuild integrations, avoiding expensive build time and managing complex processes.

Get your product right the first time with Infrastructure PLUS

You’ll be spending £1.5m over 12-18 months on tech and £500,000 on obtaining your own licence.

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