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How does the IF infrastructure work?

The IF platform is an orchestration layer built on top of many financial infrastructure providers and products (banks, fintechs, regtechs etc.) that provides automated, customisable, regulatory compliant financial workflows.

These workflows are simply connected to your banks, financial institutions and the supporting products by the IF API. You can then add more features as you need.

The IF Platform is structured in layers & modules. Each message processed by the IF Platform moves through layers: they go in through the IF API, get processed in IF Core and then get sent to service providers by IF Connect where applicable. Layers are built to let you have control over how messages are processed by the platform.

What is IF Core?

IF Core is the workflow layer whereby standard customisable workflows live in the platform. IF CORE provides multiple automated flows for the most crucial financial functionality.

What is IF Connect?

IF Connect is the integration layer whereby the IF platform connects with the products/platforms of your choice. In order to provide financial functions, integration with banks, financial institutions etc., and also to be automated and compliant with regulations, integrating with more products (CRMs, Screening Products, Monitoring Products etc.) is required.

What is a virtual account?

A virtual bank account is different from a ‘real’ bank account because virtual accounts are used only as references and funds received. Any credits into a virtual account are automatically transferred to another account, usually called the ‘house’ account which maintains all balances. Real bank accounts maintain balances as well as being able to receive and send funds from third parties.

What types of businesses can use IF?

Any business (especially those looking to add a financial service to their offering) that has to build and maintain multiple integrations can use Integrated Finance.

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