Optimised costs with built-in banking integrations

The infrastructure for accounts incorporates plug-in and built-in banking integrations and connections for account issuing, and money transfers. It also includes a flexible ledger, financial orchestration, and customisable fund movement workflows. All of these are managed through our back office, empowering teams to perform, manage and monitor financial operations to streamline workloads and improve business performance.

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Accounts infrastructure key features:

Virtual, physical, pooled & sub-accounts

Built-in banking integrations to significantly reduce costs associated with developing and maintaining in-house integrations. Access multi-currency, local and global accounts via a single portal and API, eliminating the need for implementing separate messaging standards for each jurisdiction.

Foreign Exchange

FX functionality which can be enabled on top of any banking provider and be used with a liquidity provider of your choice. Choose between custom FX workflows for instant customer conversions or risk-mitigating settlement processing to suit your needs.

Local, international & P2P transfers

Access to major money transfer schemes, such as Faster Payments, SEPA, SEPA Instant, ACH and SWIFT via our built-in banking integrations. Benefit from our advanced transfer and orchestration capabilities that are designed to facilitate local, domestic, and P2P transfers, ensuring efficient payment data exchange for streamlined financial operations.

Ledger & financial operations

A flexible ledger system enabling accounting best practices and advanced financial operations, ensuring compliant and real-time account balances across all transfer movements and their impact on account-related information. Plus, access to an advanced pricing module that supports customised pricing options for your clients.

Financial orchestration

Highly customised account structures and workflows tailored to coordinate, facilitate, and uphold strict regulatory compliance, while ensuring alignment with dynamic business needs and industry standards. Optimise efficiency, mitigate risks, and achieve business objectives with precision and agility.

Accounts reachable via Open Banking

Facilitate Open Banking compliant accounts, allowing users to securely access and manage their financial information across authorised 3rd parties.

Ways to use the Integrated Finance infrastructure

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