How to perform client to client closed-loop transfers?

You can perform client to client transfers using the internal transfers feature combined with our powerful financial orchestration capabilities and our range of built-in account issuing integrations, or any accounts provider of your choice. With our infrastructure you can access a standardised API layer to efficiently manage internal (peer-to-peer) transfers.

Our technology

Internal transfers

Internal transfers

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What you get
Technical Advantages
  • Streamline key financial operational processes, achieving greater transparency and accuracy across all account balances
  • Optimise your financial transfers with standardised transactions across all types - from local and global transfers to cards to digital wallets, and more.
  • Easily facilitate in-app transfers between users across different geographies
  • Unlimited ledger accounts
  • Real-time account balances
  • Real-time reporting (e.g. statements, payables, receivables, fees, revenue etc.)
  • Treasury management tools
  • Powerful funds orchestration workflows
  • Safeguarding client funds across unlimited number of client accounts
  • Plug-in any payment provider
  • Plug-in any account provider
  • Unlimited bank accounts and house accounts
  • Highly secure, agnostic and fully redundant infrastructure platform
  • Best-in-class back office portal for your finance and ops teams
  • Access a standardised API layer to manage internal (peer-to-peer) transfers
  • No need to build the logic required to charge fees based on different parameters such as transactions volume
  • Utilise pre-built funds sweeping logic required to segregate fees from client money
  • Leverage a pre-built, flexible ledger system to accurately record transfer movements and their impact on account balances
  • No need to build a ledger system for issuing client and house accounts
  • No need to build workflows for complex money movements between issued house and client accounts
  • No need to build necessary logic required to manage account lifecycles, track account balances and record transactions
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) funding and sweeping configuration toggle/ tool (aka virtualisation)
  • Connect any bank account provider to our ledger system via our APIs and / or back office
  • Utilise a best-in-class back office portal to easily manage, perform and control incoming, outgoing and FX transactions across multiple client accounts
  • Access Integrated Finance's compliance, cards and transfers infrastructure without the need for any additional integrations
  • Reduced total cost of ownership across direct, indirect and opportunity development costs
  • Reduced risks associated with software security and regulatory compliance
  • Faster time to market
  • Utilise a variety of webhooks to action multiple workflows to build your Fintech product