Xpate unlocks new revenue streams in record time

With our help, Xpate was able to offer its clients instant access to funds, international payment and banking solutions, and merchant bank accounts.

At a glance


  • Identifying a bank that allowed unlimited issuing of accounts.
  • Building architecture that worked with their business model.
  • Automating solution for complex ledger entries to generate new revenue streams.


  • Flexible Fintech infrastructure with fast turnaround for unique needs.
  • Ledger system that correctly allocates funds without additional work.
  • Bank that supported their needs.

Xpate, a payments platform for ecommerce businesses, was in need of a tailored solution that could be swiftly integrated to replace a dropped bank. The challenge was to develop a core-banking platform that caters for the complexity of multi-actor fees and funds collection, custom fund movement configuration across multiple account structures, and facilitates orchestration. A task that typically requires extensive time and resources.

In their search for a robust, flexible and timely solution, xpate turned to Integrated Finance for assistance.

The challenges of ecommerce payments

One of the major challenges faced by ecommerce merchants is payment processing. While it is usually hassle-free for consumers, merchants must grapple with various issues. For instance, they need to offer multiple payment options to ensure a frictionless experience for customers.

Additionally, settlements from banks / acquirers can take several days, whereas ecommerce merchants require fast access to funds for managing inventory, marketing, and overhead expenses. Xpate aimed to tackle these challenges head-on.

"Xpate is trying to create and accelerate the development of an in-house payments ecosystem for digital stores," commented Daniel Cronin, Co-Founder of Integrated Finance.

Finding the right bank

Xpate sought to provide digital retailers with bank accounts as part of their solution. Although they already possessed a banking licence, they needed to find a bank that allowed them to issue an unlimited number of accounts and directly onboard merchants.

"We supported them with identifying banks that might be able to assist them," said Cronin.

Integrated Finance devised an account structure to facilitate integration. It consisted of a standard operational bank account and a liquidity bank account. Only funds from the liquidity account were directed to the merchants, and a critical payback logic was implemented to ensure the proper allocation of funds between the cash advance loan and merchant accounts.

Finding a new banking partner

Xpate determined that their first chosen bank didn't meet all of their criteria, but with the help of Integrated Finance, they were quickly able to find a replacement. The new bank offered a physical account solution, as opposed to the virtual from the original choice bank.

Whilst xpate needed to be able to issue all merchants their unique accounts, for operational control they needed to consolidate all funds in one central bank account under their control. This was seamlessly achieved with virtual bank accounts, while physical accounts presented a challenge: funds would stay in the account they were issued to and not move to the central account.

In no time, Integrated Finance was able to create an automated solution with the ability to decouple the full bank account ledger and handle the additional ledger movements required to accommodate the accounts set up, ensuring that all of xpate’s customers would be able to provide real-time account balances to their users.

“Despite a last-minute change in plans, Integrated Finance seamlessly facilitated our transition to a different bank, getting our solution up and running without delay.” Ruben Vosmeer, CTO at xpate.

Overcoming the final hurdle to launch xpate

A detailed investigation from xpate uncovered the opportunity to enhance the initially established account structure for a more tailored fit with their requirements. Leveraging the adaptability and flexibility of Integrated Finance's technology, prompt adjustments were implemented, guaranteeing xpate's punctual and smooth go-live.

With the revised account structure in place, xpate was able to launch on time; offering digital retailers instant access to ecommerce funds, international payment solutions, merchant cash advances, and merchant bank accounts.


days time to market down from 300


project cost reduction of cover


months development time down from 24

Integrated Finance proved to be a remarkably flexible partner, readily adapting to our shifting requirements throughout the implementation of our Merchant Cash Advance solution. Furthermore, just days before our intended launch, Integrated Finance accommodated our requested adjustments to ensure our solution perfectly aligned with our needs.

Ruben VosmeerCTO at Xpate
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