Connect your fintech

Simple guide to connect your system with Currency Cloud

If you are facing months of boring integration development to connect your fintech to Currency Cloud, then this simple guide will help you fast track so you can get on with more exciting product development on the front end.

All you have to do is request one simple API from Integrated Finance which then takes care of your Currency Cloud connection. What’s more, it also keeps the connection up to date if Currency Cloud changes its API when live.

But the benefits don’t stop there. You can also quickly connect other vendors to the Integrated Finance Hub alongside Currency Cloud such as Railsbank.

Known as IF CONNECT there are no upfront development costs, just one monthly “pay as you grow” fee which also makes it the ideal solution for start-ups and those financing product development projects.

So, when we quickly connect you to Currency Cloud you get all the services you expect very quickly:

  • Access Wholesales FX Rates
  • Client Safeguarded Accounts
  • Local UK payment schemes
  • Local European payment schemes
  • and more…

For more guidance on connecting to Currency Cloud easily, request a simple and quick no obligation demo by getting in touch today. We love showing developers the simplicity of our solution.