Fintech infrastructure APIs helping developers build embedded financial services – fast.

Programmatic access to financial message infrastructure, harness pre-built standardised workflows and easily bundle providers together with the IF Platform.

Our APIs help you build the solution that fits your exact customer needs, without huge upfront development.

You will quickly be able to:

  • Connect once and standardise your interaction across multiple banks
  • Make payments, issue bank accounts and perform FX using single workflows
  • Enhance your core offering by adding more providers quickly and easily.

You have complete control to bring your ideas to life – fast.

Integrated Finance’s technology enables you to operate at speed, whether that be releasing new banking functionality to customers or launching into new territories.

What are the benefits?

You can build a Fintech in hours, not months. Our fully documented APIs allow you to:


Use our platform to start creating your own experience today.


Simulate transactions in a safe environment to quickly prototype your fintech product.


Integrate our APIs with your existing systems to bring your solution to market at speed.


Develop and test new features as your business and your customers’ needs evolve

How it works

The IF Platform is an orchestration layer built on top of many financial infrastructure providers and products (banks, fintechs, regtechs etc.) that provides automated, customisable, regulatorily compliant financial workflows.

These workflows are simply connected to your banks, financial institutions and the supporting products by the IF API. You can then add more features as you need.

The IF Platform is structured in layers & modules

Each message processed by the IF Platform moves through layers: they go in through the IF API, get processed in IF CORE and then get sent to service providers by IF CONNECT where applicable. Layers are built to let you have control over how messages are processed by the platform.


This “Interface Layer” is where your system(s) interacts with the platform. By using the IF API you will be able to:

  • Integrate your existing system(s) to IF Platform
  • Build great experiences for your clients
  • Leverage the workflows of your choice (e.g. Issuing Accounts, Transfers, Onboarding, Pricing etc.)
  • Control how workflows work for your best interest
  • Connect to the financial infrastructures of your choice


This “Workflow Layer” is the layer where standard customizable workflows live in the platform. Note that IF CORE provides automated flows for the most crucial financial functionality. IF CORE will empower you:

  • To add new financial functions quickly to your core offering
  • To adopt to changing environment (regulations, customer needs etc.) with minimum effort
  • To get your financial, treasury and compliance operations right and automated by skipping the technical learning curve.


This “Integration Layer” is where the IF Platform connects with the products/platforms of your choice. In order to provide financial functions, integration with banks, financial institutions etc and also to be automated and compliant with regulations, integrating with more products (CRMs, Screening Products, Monitoring Products etc.) is required. As your offering grows, more and more integrations will most likely to invade your backlog and distract you from your core offering. IF CONNECT will give you the ability:

  • To orchestrate (add/remove/switch) service providers on demand
  • To eliminate the initial cost of integrations to service providers
  • To eliminate the ongoing cost of maintaining integration to service providers
  • To focus on your core offering instead of maintaining an internal integration hub

Keep development resource focused
on your core product

  • Prebuilt integrations
  • End-point management
  • Simple API
Sales & Product

Build, launch and scale new products

  • Our infrastructure does heavy financial lifting
  • Sell more to existing customers
  • Expand your offering

Automate key operation tasks and reduce cost

  • Connect together systems to enrich data
  • Get better visibility
  • Automate key tasks
Digital Banking

Create unique financial experiences with ready made and customisable workflows

PreBuilt API Integrations

Access leading 3rd Party technologies to power your solution so you can focus on your core product.

RegTech Automation

Free up your resource to focus on IP that differentiates you. We’ll keep you compliant.

Join our community and help shape the future of finance