The core banking platform building great financial products 

A flexible foundation for digital businesses, with pre-built FINTECH connections.

Empowering everyone to become a fintech

With IFCORE you can
  • Integrate your existing counterparties
  • Easy to use white-label front office / online portal that easily integrates existing connections.
  • Add new providers, connect them easily
  • Using pre-built integrations, you can quickly innovate and expand your product offering. Test it now
  • Connect everything to your platform
  • Harness our simple and easy to use API to bring your financial infrastructure together, improve efficiency and eliminate manual tasks.
Build new flexible products
  • Adapt to your customers’ needs
  • Easily design and bolt on new financial products. The connectors for financial technologies are ready to go
  • Sell more to your existing customers
  • Add financial services into your core offering to drive new sales and increase revenue. Find out more
  • Increase user engagement in your own ecosystem
  • By offering them value-add financial services
Scale your financial network
  • Quickly and at low cost
  • Reduce development resource dedicated to integrations, leaving your developers to work on more added value projects. Connections are a laborious task for developers and usually have to be completed one at a time, until now
  • Geographically
  • Easily add new providers as you expand. With a range of connections, we can help you reach new markets. Talk to us
  • Safely and securely
  • Manage your financial integrations in a secure and reliable environment
  • ‘Product, not Pipes’
  • Focus your energy on things that matter to your customers

Automate and get more efficient
  • Key operational tasks
  • Push and pull data to banks and compliance software. IF CORE automatically keeps up to date with any API changes from banks. Request a demo
  • Provide customers with status updates on service levels
  • Report system uptime and manage endpoints in real time.
  • Do away with needless referencing systems
  • Easily reconcile payments from your customers


IF core is a banking platform packed full of great customer products. Flexibly built so you can add more features quickly and at scale. Reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Your end users

A state-of-the-art customer portal

  • Self-serve
  • Multi-currency
  • Feature rich
  • Secure
Your ops team

Manage your operational workflows

  • Cash visibility
  • Automate messaging
  • Improve compliance data
  • Manage counterparties
Your product team

Flexibly create new features

  • Build features quickly
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Scale integrations


Create a financial network capable of delivering great customer focused products, quickly and at scale. Do more, faster

Online Portal

Engage customers with a modern, sleek and intuitive customer platform

Back Office

Empower your staff to support client activity safely and securely

Automated Workflows

Eliminate manual tasks, automate reconcile, and synchronise

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