A day in the life of a Product Designer

MEET THE TEAM - paola cuguttu TELLS US ABOUT LIFE AT IF, ART, DESIGN and everything in between

We are a down-to-earth bunch of payment nerds building a platform that aims to increase the number of fintechs launched annually. Our team comprises a raft of backgrounds and talents, and our company values guide everything we do.

Intuitive digital experiences, designed for top notch usability is Paola's forte. With laser focused attention to detail, Paola translates our product requirements into practical, user-centric features. Paola is an ambitious artist, passionate about creating meaningful experiences, and nothing pleases her more than the ordering of ‘space’ in a manner that lives forever in one's memory. Prior to her Fintech career, Paola worked in interior design, responsible for high grade, modern, and grade 2 listed property projects. She wants to see more women working in Fintech, and architecture and interior styling are high on her interests agenda.

What made you join Integrated Finance?

Fintech can be viewed as ‘complex’ in terms of design because of its applicable duality. On one hand, it isn’t always tangible - and on the other hand - you can not apply abstract concepts due to its practical nature. Plus, let’s face it, it’s not the most riveting area of the arts and creative world. But that’s exactly the point! To create digital visuals that redefine the way businesses build Fintech brands through both practical and meaningful designs is a worthy challenge in my opinion, and anyone that knows me will tell you I enjoy a good challenge. In fact, the harder the creative challenge the better.

Furthermore, I was impressed by the IF company vision and wanted to take part in its growth journey. Lastly, I was excited to join an industry that was previously predominantly male-dominated and has since welcomed many talented women. It is great to witness this shift with more women joining Fintech across an array of disciplines, such as; engineering, product, design, commercial and more. I am proud to take part in this change and inspired by IF’s implicit and powerful diversity and inclusion culture.

Favourite 3 things about working at Integrated Finance?

In addition to the aforementioned, my favourite 3 things about working at IF are: trusted relationships, a positive work environment and the freedom to apply your own creative / experimental licence. Come to think of it, all of it rolls into one ‘thing’ - culture. The IF culture encourages you to share ideas but also to try them out in practice. We are trusted to do what’s right and our founders are never fazed by our tests and quests.

Describe a typical day in the life of a Product Designer in the Product Team

To be honest, every day is different, but in a structured kind of way - I guess that’s the beauty of this profession. Progress, ideas as well as discovering and analysing new tools are always high on the daily priority list.

Name 3 things you can’t imagine living without?

  1. Family and friends
  2. Sunny weather - Thank you London for the last few weeks! 🙏
  3. Internet connection - I might come across a little lame🤓, but I have a curious mind. I think it is a brilliant way to access all sorts of information for learning and discovery. Well, minus the fake news. 🥸

What’s your party trick and/or super-human power?

We’ve already established I have a curious mind, so I’ve developed some good skills to keep feeding my curiosity. One of which is that I can find anything on Google. I’d tell you how, but then I’d have to kill you. 🤣

What always makes you laugh without fail?

My friends and Leslie Nielsen - they certainly make me laugh.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

🚨Spoiler alert🚨 - incoming bias! I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Sardinia. Sardinia has a magnificent coastline that measures around 1850km long, with sandy breathtaking beaches and a beautiful mountainous interior crossed with hiking trails. Clearly by this intro alone you can tell I am absolutely in love with my home region.

Indeed, it is one of my favourite holiday destinations and I normally visit Alghero at least once every summer. That said, I also enjoy travelling anywhere in the world where I can explore the local history, arts, architecture and unique landscapes.

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