A day in the life of a Product Designer at IF


We are a down-to-earth bunch of payment nerds building a platform that aims to increase the number of fintechs launched annually. Our team comprises a raft of backgrounds and talents, and our company values guide everything we do.

With 5+ years of hands-on experience in product design, Ozge enjoys crafting wireframes, prototypes, and user flows that make a real difference. She is a fan of the customer-centric design approach, whereby every product component is delivered through the application of a consistent product design system.

Nothing pleases Ozge more than seeing users delighted by the look and feel and the practical aspects of our product features.

What made you join Integrated Finance?

As someone who had experienced different types of company cultures, I was attracted to the idea of ​​working in a startup. The startup culture is different from the corporate culture because it typically reflects the personalities and passions of the team members. That’s not to say that employees don’t influence the culture of more established organisations, rather that individual contributions are more impactful at startups or smaller companies.

So, when I spotted the job spec for a Product Designer role at Integrated Finance, I immediately had an Aha moment. The dynamic work environment, company culture, the industry and the variety of the role itself matched my career ambitions.

Favourite 3 things about working at Integrated Finance?

  1. Communication - one of my top priorities/ must-have(s). Company objectives, roles and responsibilities, and key milestones are clearly defined and are communicated cohesively. This approach sets a north star standard of communication followed by all.
  2. Ownership and empowerment - it is great to see everyone in the business taking ownership of their work and actions. It makes you feel part of a supportive community working together towards a joint mission. You don’t go at it alone; you are empowered to take others along the journey with you.
  3. Trust - it is imperative for me to feel that the people I work with trust me and the work I do. It keeps me motivated, and I can certainly sense this level of trust at Integrated Finance.

Describe a typical day in the life of a Product Designer in the Product Team

I usually start my mornings by keeping abreast of all the current product design trends. Once I satisfy the hunger for knowledge, I set up my daily outcomes in the order of importance and attend daily team meetings to keep up with recent developments across the technology and product teams.

I consider myself lucky to have a job where no day is the same. For example, in a single day, I could run user testing on bug fixes or new functionality, develop user flows, perform user research, and design and prepare prototypes. One of my favourite projects at the minute is creating our very own Design System - yay!

Name 3 things you can’t imagine living without?

I love exploring new places, spending quality time with friends and family, practicing yoga, and having coffee and chocolate! A little more than 3, but hey, what can I say? I love life 🫶

What’s your party trick and/or super-human power?

As long as there’s good music and vibe, I can literally dance the night away without getting tired.

What always makes you laugh without fail?

Knock-knock jokes! God, just the thought of a few of them whilst I write this makes me chuckle. And, of course, my hilarious dog ​always makes me laugh. He is the mini version of Scooby Doo - haha! 🤣

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Unfortunately, I have a severe sun allergy, and summer holidays often become a nightmare for me. That’s why skiing is one of my favourite vacation getaways. One of my favourite skiing spots is Bansko, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, part of Pirin National Park in southwest Bulgaria. It’s my little playground of joy, and I highly recommend it to skiing enthusiasts and first-timers.

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