Life at Integrated Finance: Elif Kiril, Software Engineer

Elif Kiril is a Software Engineer at Integrated Finance, and she's passionate about merging her maths skills with finance and analytics.

Elif offers a clear look into her daily life at the company. She talks about the benefits of teamwork, the thrill of innovation, and the joy of strategic decision-making. Beyond her professional role, Elif also shares personal insights, showing the values and joys that shape her life.

Why did you choose to join Integrated Finance?

When I first considered joining Integrated Finance, the prospect of collaborating with esteemed colleagues I admire and trust played a pivotal role in my decision. The excitement stemmed from their significant achievements and our mutual respect and enjoyment while working together.

For me, aligning with their visionary approach was crucial, as it resonated deeply with my beliefs. My background as a maths engineer had already inclined me towards a field that intertwines finance and analytics, so the industry naturally piqued my interest, rendering Integrated Finance the ideal workplace for me.

What excited you about joining Integrated Finance besides the team?

Beyond the allure of teaming up with respected colleagues, the prospect of being one of the foundational members of Integrated Finance excited me.

The role isn't merely about joining; it's about building and being a part of a promising project where one can witness firsthand tangible results and achievements.

This opportunity to contribute to and witness our company's unfolding successes and milestones brought excitement and anticipation that was incredibly motivating.

What are your top three favourite aspects of working at Integrated Finance?

Working at Integrated Finance has been a rewarding journey, and it's hard to pinpoint just a few favourite things. However, the following aspects truly make my experience stand out:

  1. Innovative and quality driven
    We embrace the latest technologies, ensuring our code meets the highest quality standards. This commitment to excellence is something I deeply appreciate.
  2. Collaborative decision making
    We are not mere executors; we actively make strategic decisions about the product and the code. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of ownership and makes working here extremely fulfilling for a developer like me.
  3. United and supportive team
    Our team is a harmonious blend of talented individuals, united in purpose and always willing to help each other. We are not rivals but collaborators, focusing on competing with other products rather than each other.

To summarise, the blend of innovative technology, a collaborative environment, and a united and talented team make Integrated Finance a unique and enriching workplace where we all aim for collective achievements and success.

How does your day unfold as a software engineer at Integrated Finance?

My day at Integrated Finance kick-starts with a daily team meeting. Here, we review the development pipeline, examining our progress on various tasks. We prioritise the workload and address any challenges.

If a new team member joins, we engage in pair programming to help them adapt swiftly and understand our business better. While some of my peers collaborate directly with product owners, others, including myself, work closely with teammates or our CTO.

Rather than just ticking off tasks, we actively participate in decision-making. This collaborative approach ensures we effectively deliver and continually drive progress.

At Integrated Finance, our workdays are more structured, rooted in routine, and organised, ensuring clarity in workload, communication, and prioritisation. However, our structured approach houses flexibility, allowing us to adapt and modify our daily plans when venturing into a new project or encountering non-routine requirements.

This balance between structure and adaptability allows us to navigate through unexpected changes and emergent needs efficiently, optimising our response to new projects and shifting priorities while maintaining our commitment to ongoing tasks.

Does adapting to customer and industry demands impact the work structure?

Indeed, staying attuned to our customers and their needs and aligning with industry demands is pivotal and influences our work structure. It necessitates a blend of well-executed plans and spontaneous adaptations.

I find the need for balance intriguing and challenging. We, as engineers, usually have robust plans, even for emergency cases, allowing us to adapt to business emergencies swiftly. However, exceptions occur, like with open banking, a particularly challenging project due to initial planning oversights.

The essence lies in harmonising different aspects, ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering quality products while grappling with every project's unique nature and exigencies.

What are three things you cannot live without?

When it comes to things I can't imagine living without, my family tops the list, as they are my foundation and support.

Family values are the bedrock of our interactions at home. It's all about extending a helping hand and enveloping each other in unwavering support. It's crucial to foster an environment free from conflicts and loud disagreements, which, unfortunately, are common occurrences.

Embracing unity, being there for each other, and showing consistent love and support create a harmonious and crowded yet contented family atmosphere. The collective effort to uplift one another truly encapsulates the essence of family values.

Secondly, technology is indispensable; it's a significant time-saver, enabling efficiency in my daily activities. Lastly, swimming holds a special place in my heart. It's a delightful activity I wish I could indulge in more often.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I've always been more inclined towards cats; I have three. Growing up, a cat was always around, making it hard to envision a home without one.

Cats are remarkable creatures; they manage themselves and hold a degree of independence that I find admirable. This self-sufficiency and their amusing antics make me lean more towards them.

We share our spaces, living like friends under the same roof, each enjoying our independence. The bond is unique and filled with moments that bring laughter and joy.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

If I could choose a superpower, it would undoubtedly be teleportation. Being anywhere at any time would satisfy my innate curiosity and allow me to explore and see more, making me more effective and productive.

The prospect of traversing through time, exploring the unknown realms of the past and the future, and experiencing the uncharted territories of the world is truly fascinating. This power would elevate my understanding of the world and could pave the way to more holistic and profound knowledge.

What brings joy and laughter to your life?

The delightful innocence of children and the amusing antics of animals at home never fails to bring a smile to my face. With their genuine, straightforward perspectives, children often shed light on the world in a manner we adults may overlook. Their inability to grasp the complexities of human relationships, their sheer honesty, and their inherent innocence – these qualities resonate deeply with me.

To give you an idea, my nephew once noticed water cups placed on house radiators. In his imaginative mind, he wondered if the radiator was thirsty, comparing it to a pet. Such moments remind me that sometimes children perceive things more rationally and clearly than we do. Their fresh, unfiltered view of the world generates laughter and joy.

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

I have a deep affinity for sea vacations, and my heart belongs to Antalya, especially in the serene embrace of autumn around October. The tranquillity and beauty of Antalya during this time are unparalleled. I am drawn to destinations where the summer is calm and the sea is a part of the experience.

Why Autumn? The sea is perfect, the view is breathtaking, and the weather is warm but not overly hot, like in the peak summer months of June or July. It's the ideal time to enjoy the southern treasures of Turkey. The combination of pleasant weather and magnificent views make it my favourite getaway.

If not a software engineer, what would you be?

If I weren't immersed in software engineering, I would see myself thriving as a heart surgeon.

Why, you ask? I find performing operations intriguing; the details, combination, and repair are deeply satisfying. My penchant for detail and hands-on work steers me towards this profession. There's a certain fulfilment in seeing something work seamlessly after meticulous effort, be it fixing bugs in a system or the human body.

My love for medical thriller books, like those by Tess Gerritsen, further fuels this alternative aspiration.

How has Integrated Finance evolved since you joined?

Reflecting on my journey with Integrated Finance, the company has undergone significant transformations.

Initially, our focus was predominantly on infrastructure work in the software realm. As time progressed, the influx of customers increased substantially, paralleling the rise in our social media presence. This enhanced visibility has enabled us to cultivate a more robust product range and amass a broader customer base, amplifying our renown and reputation.

Having been part of this evolution for nearly four years, witnessing and contributing to our collective achievements fills me with pride. The progress is palpable, marking our journey with growth and development milestones.

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